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I represent the UK company that wants to launch its activity (e-commerce) in the French, Portuguese, English and Brazilian markets. Our head office is in UK ; We would like to have these numbers and serve our customers as if we were in the indicated countries. The people who will answer these calls in UK are spread over several cities. The people who will receive the calls must also be able to make calls with these telephone numbers.

Can you offer this service?

Our answer:

Our service is fully compatible with the indicated needs.
You can susbscribe on our website the numbers indicated in the category Telephony / Voip numbers / Phone numbers and select the desired countries. In each country you can choose the desired city for each number.

Necessary documents

Copy of company registration
Copy of the ID card or passport of the administrator

To subscribe the number of France or Portugal of a specific city, it is necessary to have an address in these countries. If you do not have this address, you can hire it on our website. If you do not have the address and you do not want to susbscribe the mailing address service, you must choose national numbers, which are country numbers, but not geographic numbers of a specific city. For France or Portugal, calls to these numbers have no additional cost.

Receiving Calls

1- Your mobile phone by installing an application such as zoiper or media5fone.
2- Your computer installing a softphone such as zoiper or x-lite.
3- Forwarding calls to your current phone number (have additionnal cost)
4- Receive calls on your ip phone or pabx ip.

Making calls with these numbers

Using the same call reception devices, users can make calls as if they were physically in the countries listed. Users can use the service in different offices, cities or countries.

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