We would like to have information on how to obtain a landline number in Brazil for our offices in Spain.


Spanish company, we would like to have information on how to obtain a fixed telephone number in Brazil for our offices. We would like incoming calls to this number from Brazil to be forwarded to our landline number in Spain.

Can you inform us?


You can contract the Brazilian virtual number service through the website. To activate the Brazil number, we will need a copy of your company's document. The number is activated between 2 and 12 hours after receiving the requested document.

To receive calls in Spain, you can use any of the following methods:

1- You can receive calls, on your mobile by installing an application like zoiper or Grandstream Wave, Bria or another.

2- Receive calls on your Windows or Mac computer, installing a softphone such as zoiper, x-lite, bria or others.

3- You can forward incoming calls to your current phone number (it has an additional cost).

4- Receive calls on your ip phone, sip adapter, pabx ip, Asterisk server, etc.

We will provide the information for the configuration of different SIP terminals.

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