I receive calls normally, but I cannot make call, can you help me?

Your question:

I have purchased the Brazilian virtual number service and when I call that number, I usually receive the phone call, but I cannot make call, can you help me?

Our answer:

If your Brazil virtual number works and you can receive calls, it means your line is working well. You probably have a balance problem with outgoing calls, because when you sign up for the phone number, your account can receive calls, but you cannot make calls.

To make calls, you must top up your account through your PBS space in the tab "Billing information" on your left, you will see the menu "Make a payment".

If after recharging your account, you cannot make calls, try dialing the number in the national format and the international format to see if it works.

France number +33 (0) 178 900 402
National format: 0 178 900 402
International format: 0033 178 900 402

If it still does not work after these tests, open a support ticket and we will be happy to help.

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