We did not find complete information on its website about the assignment of a virtual phone number in Switzerland. Would you have any details to tell me about the use, attribution and cancellation conditions?


You can use the Swiss virtual number service in different ways:

1- You can receive calls, on your mobile by installing an application like Zoiper or Grandstream Wave, Bria or another.

2- Receive calls on your Windows or Mac computer, installing a softphone such as zoiper, x-lite, bria or others.

3- You can forward incoming calls to your current phone number (it has an additional cost).

4- Receive calls on your ip phone, sip adapter, pabx ip, Asterisk server, etc.
We will provide the information for the configuration of different SIP terminals.

The activation of the number is carried out between 2 and 12 hours after the reception of the documents indicated on the description page of said number. The numbers are automatically activated, but you can ask us for a list to choose the desired number.

Billing is done on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. To cancel you must send us an email and request the termination and have no unpaid invoice. Otherwise, we will continue to charge you for the service, even if you do not use it, since the number will remain reserved for you until your unsubscribe request.

Details can be found on the description page of the Swiss virtual number service.