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Voip Virtual Switchboard: in this category you will find several articles about the operation of our Voip Virtual Switchboard, but also answers to questions already asked by our users about the use of our Voip Virtual Switchboard and answered by our specialists. If you are looking for an answer about the operation of our VoIP telephone exchange, its resources, configuration guides, a tutorial or other additional information about the VoIP hosted PBX, you have come to the right place. Do not hesitate to leave us your question in the comments of the desired service and we will be happy to respond quickly.

  1. Can you give me access to your voice bank so that I can choose a voice according to my needs, for my telephone PBX?

    Our customers' requests are confidential, and we do not maintain samples for demonstrations. Our experts take your activity into account to choose the voice and music needed for your PBX. However, if you want to choose a voice, we can send you the voices available in the desired language so you can choose.

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  2. Are the messages for the PBX offered on your site human? Can I use them to improve the image of my telephone reception?

    Absolutely yes. The voiceovers we offer are produced in our partners' recording studios by human voices. We have several recording studios around the world and professional speakers.

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  3. I am an entrepreneur and I would like to know more about your virtual switchboard (IPBX), know how it works and its advantages

    The virtual switchboard (IPBX), is a switchboard hosted in the cloud that Hivoox offers you as a service to manage your phone calls without using a physical switchboard. This excellent virtual switchboard (IPBX), allows companies that choose this solution to reduce the costs of national and international calls and calls between different offices without geographical limitation. This service allows to reduce the costs associated with the installation, administration and maintenance of a traditional PBX.

    The virtual switchboard (IPBX) offers its users features such as:

    Personalized welcome message (auto attendant),
     Several geographic numbers of one or several countries that operate simultaneously,
    Record outgoing, incoming and outgoing calls,

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  4. Personalized professional On Hold Message for your switchboard

    If you subscribe to our virtual switchboard service for your company and the telephone is one of the main axes of communication with your customers, we advise you to buy a professional On Hold Message to improve the image of your company through this communication channel.

    Thanks to our recording studio, we produce a personalized professional On Hold Message giving you a professional voice that welcomes and guides your customers through the different options of your virtual switchboard. Our team makes sure to produce the On Hold Message according to your needs in terms of duration, texts, style to provide professional service at a lower cost. You can choose the phrases in different languages (French, Spanish, English, German, Italian, Portuguese…) to respond correctly to your customers. W

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  5. Configure a group of extensions

    To configure a group of lines in your Hivoox account, you must first contract the virtual switchboard service with a minimum of 4 extensions.

    Configure a group of lines in your virtual switchboard

    Enter your PBS account and click on IP CENTREX,
    Then click on Groups of rotating lines on the left and follow the instructions.

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  6. Tutorial to redirect calls to another number or extension

    With this tutorial, you can forward calls from your virtual number to other internal or external telephone numbers. After configuring the call forwarding, After configuring call forwarding, you can activate or deactivate call forwarding, using your sip terminal, dialing * 21 and following the instructions. Keep in mind that the call forwarding to external numbers can have an additional cost.

    Access to the portal of your telephone line:

    1- Press on CENTREX IP.
    2- Then on PHONE LINES.
    3- Select the desired sip account ID (8780xxxxxxxx) and click on the configure button.

    A new window opens

    1- Press again on CENTREX IP
    2- On the left click on

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  7. Can I record my phone calls in Hivoox?

    When you have a business or private phone line, you may find yourself faced with the need to record one, all, or some phone calls. In a business, these records may be needed for verbal contracts with customers, or even for quality control purposes.

    If you are using a Hivoox line, you can request the call recording option to listen to your call conversations. By activating the call recording option, our system will record your phone calls and leave them available in the PBS portal, for you to access.

    To activate this option, you must make a support ticket and request the activation of this service. The cost of call recording depends on the storage space you want to activate. After the activation of the service and the effective recording of the calls, you will see in your

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  8. Is it possible to create extensions with your virtual switchboard?

    Yes. With our virtual switchboard, each user represents an extension and has an individual web portal to customize their line (the administrator can deactivate it). You can create extensions with short numbers, such as: 100, 101, 102, 105 ... and create extension groups for your departments or teams.

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  9. Is it possible to add a welcome message to my virtual switchboard?

    The virtual switchboard allows you to record your welcome messages through the microphone of a headset or microphone connected to the computer. If you have audio files, you can upload them from your PBS portal in .MP3 or .WAV format. You can record or upload welcome messages, hold music, voicemail messages, wait queue, etc. If you do not have professional audio files and are looking for a studio to record them in English or another language, do not hesitate to contact us.

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  10. Is it possible to use a mobile phone as an extension of the virtual switchboard?

    With our virtual switchboard, you can use your mobile as an extension. The calls can be transferred to the mobile number or to the softphone installed in the mobile (voip application for mobile: zoiper, media5fone ...). In the case of a transfer to the mobile number, you will pay the calls made to the mobile in each call transfer.

    If you install the softphone in the mobile, the received calls will have no cost. This configuration is simple and allows converting the mobile phone into an extension of the virtual switchboard.

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  11. Is it possible to customize the virtual switchboard according to our needs?

    Yes. Our virtual switchboard is a 100% customizable solution according to your needs. You can configure your welcome messages, voicemail, extensions, call forwarding, waiting queue, fax reception by email, restriction of incoming or outgoing calls to certain users, and all other functions of the virtual switchboard for you company.

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  12. What happens if the caller does not choose an option?

    When your virtual switchboard receives a call and you have configured the menu, the caller is invited to follow the instructions in the message. If the caller does not choose an option, he will be automatically transferred to the sip terminal responsible for receiving these calls (example: your receptionist). However, you are the only one who decides the destination of the call when the caller does not choose an option.

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  13. Is it possible to have voicemail for each extension?

    Each user of the Hivoox virtual switchboard, has a web portal to manage their extension, set up their own voice mailbox, call forwarding, call restriction, etc. The message left in each mailbox can be accessed through a SIP terminal by dialing *98. In the case of an e-mail resend of the received messages, each user can indicate his e-mail address. However, all these settings can be made by the account administrator.

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  14. Can I have a welcome menu for my callers?

    Our virtual switchboard service allows you to configure various menus without any problem.
    In this case, you must use the auto attendant feature, which allows you to configure menus, messages, music, time, actions and call destinations, etc.

    When you use the auto attendant feature to answer calls in our virtual switchboard, you can set up one or more menus to guide your users.


    Press 1 for sales,
    Press 2 for support,
    Press 3 for financials,
    Please wait, an agent will answer your call ...

    Our virtual switchboard allows you to create several menus, in different languages for the same phone number or multiple phone numbers.

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  15. How many extensions can I have with your virtual switchboard service?

    You can have as many extensions as you need with our virtual switchboard. The extensions are independent, each user has their own portal and can configure their voicemail, enable or disable detours, etc. Calls between extensions are free and there are no geographical restrictions (one extension may be in United States and the other in Spain).

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