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Virtual Numbers: in this category you will find several articles on the functioning of Virtual Numbers, but also answers to questions already asked by our users about the use of Virtual Numbers and answered by our specialists. If you are looking for an answer about how Virtual Numbers work, their resources, configuration guides, a tutorial or other additional information about Virtual Numbers, you've come to the right place. Do not hesitate to leave us your question in the comments of the desired Virtual Number service and we will be happy to answer you quickly.

  1. Everything you need to know about Kenya's virtual number

    Virtual number Kenya

    With the Kenya virtual number service offered on our site under the name Kenya DID number, you have the option of renting a Kenya landline number to make and receive calls as if you were physically in Kenya. Your customers and friends residing in Kenya, will be able to call you on a Kenyan landline number and pay the usual rate for calls to Kenya landlines. Your customers and friends residing in other countries, can also call your Kenya number and will pay their country's regular rate for calling Kenya landlines.

    You, the user of this number, will simply pay a monthly subscription to receive the unlimited calls, at no additional cost. To make calls, you can choose one of our unlimited calling plans, minute packs or per minute rates for your calls with Kenya Virtual Number.

    Get a virtual number from Kenya.

    To get your Kenya Virtual Number, simply visit the DID Number category on our website, add the...

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  2. Best Voip number from France

    You can use our French numbers service to receive calls on your cell phone, computer or IP phone in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, etc. This number allows you to receive two calls at a time and allows you to make as many calls as needed. To receive more than two calls at a time, you can add an input channel that will cost 25 euros / month. You can also choose to pay per incoming call 0.015 € / min.

    France number: € 5.56 / month.
    Additional channel: € 25 / month.
    Make calls with French Numro: check our call rates.


    Copy of ID or passport
    Copy of company document, if it is a company
    Address in France: street, number, city, postal code

    NB: If you do not have an address in France, you can hire it on our website or contact us.

    How are calls received?

    1- On your cell phone installing an application such as zoiper or media5fone.
    2- On your computer installing a softphone such as zoiper or x-lite.
    3- Forwa...

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  3. I want a Philippines virtual phone number to send and receive SMS and calls

    Your question:

    I do not live in the Philippines, but I would like to have access to a virtual telephone number (DID number) from the Philippines with the ability to send and receive SMS and calls to try to negotiate with customers residing in the Philippines.

    Our answer:

    We provide the virtual number (DID number) of the Philippines to users around the world. You can buy this service, whether you are a resident of the Philippines.

    But our Philippines virtual number only allows you to receive phone calls. It does not allow sending or receiving SMS message. 

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  4. I have several questions about the virtual number of Portugal for a resident in Brazil

    Your questions:

    I am now living in Brazil I have several questions about the use of the virtual number of Portugal for a person or company residing in Brazil or Angola.

    If I understood correctly, the telephone line corresponds to the fixed number of cities in Portugal or a national number.

    1) Can I receive calls on this number on my Brazilian or Angolan mobile phone?
    2) Can I make calls to Portugal using this number?
    3) Is there an option to choose the number or is it automatic?
    5) How are incoming and outgoing calls billed?

    Our answer:

    The Portugal virtual number service available in Hivoox allows you to buy a landline number from any city in Portugal or a national landline number to receive calls as if you were in Portugal. People who call this number cannot know that these calls are responding in Brazil or Angola.

    To buy the Portugal virtual number service with the code area +351 21, +351...

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  5. I am looking for a virtual number from France +33 with the call forwarding to a number from Morocco +212

    Our answer:

    For the French virtual number, you have 2 options.

    Option 1

    Virtual number from any city in France with the code area 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05.
    Conditions: Copy of your ID Card + Proof of your address in France in the city of the desired number.
    These documents are necessary to obtain a number from any city in France.

    Option 2

    France national number with the code area 09.
    Conditions: Copy of your ID Card + address in France (street, number, postal code, France).
    In this case, the proof of address is not necessary.

    If you do not have an address, you can buy our business address service.

    The reception of calls on an IP telephone, a 4G mobile phone, a VoIP adapter or any other SIP terminal is free. But if the calls are forwarded to your current phone number, such calls would be billed by Hivoox.

    We remain at your disposal if you have other questions...

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  6. I have a business in Angola, and I need the voip number of the UNITEL operator. Do you have this service?

    We have phone numbers from Angola to receive calls in Portugal or wherever you have Internet 4G, ADSL ... Unfortunately, we do not have UNITEL operator voip numbers.

    To have this service, you must order on our site and pay by bank transfer or deposit in an Angolan bank. If you live outside of Angola, you can pay for your order with a credit or debit card, Paypal, Skrill...  

    We need a copy of your id card or passport and a proof of address in angola. If you does not have these documents, please buy also our local contact service or contact us before make order...

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  7. I want to buy a mobile number from Spain to activate my WhatsApp

    The Spain mobile number is a service that allows you to receive calls from your friends and clients as if you were in Spain. Now this service does not allow receiving SMS.

    To activate WhatsApp, you must buy the service Spain SMS number or the product Spain GSM sim card.

    If you can't find Spain SMS number or the product Spain GSM sim card, you can contact us, and we will help you...

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  8. I receive calls from numbers that I do not know and when I answer they ask for a person I do not know

    If you receive phone calls from several national or international numbers and when you pick up the phone the speaker hangs up or asks for someone you do not know, you may be facing an attempted fraud by a scammer or an unscrupulous call center.


    1. Intruders can easily attack SIP terminals to annoy you or use your line to make fraudulent calls. That kind of piracy is very common nowadays. If you receive this type of call, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you understand and solve the problem.

    2. Thieves call you with foreign or national numbers and as soon as you answer, they hang up or start the conversation and quickly cut the call. In this case, many people return the call, but in this case, they will be calling a paid premium number that will pay money to the scammer.

    3. VoIP technology has advantages, but also disadvantages that people or unscrupulous companies use to earn money. Making repeated calls to the same number to...

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  9. With the mobile number Service, can I also send SMS or just receive it? I am looking for a service that can also send SMS with my sip terminal (mobile or computer)

    In Hivoox you can buy the mobile number according to the country of your choice. Some mobile numbers will allow you to receive calls and SMS, while others will allow you to receive only calls and others only SMS.

    However, none of the mobile numbers provided by Hivoox will allow you to send SMS, as this feature is not available at this time in our services. Given the influence of instant messengers like WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Zoiper and many others, sending SMS is not part of our priority list.

    To send SMS with the purchased number, you can open a support ticket from the website and will find a solution for you. ...

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  10. I want to rent the voip number of Algeria, can I use it for WhatsApp?

    The voip number of Algeria allows you to make and receive calls as if you were physically in Algeria. This service does not allow receiving SMS messages, and you cannot receive notifications from WhatsApp or another instant messaging service.

    To activate WhatsApp or another instant messaging service, you must purchase the gsm sim card product or the Algeria SMS number service in our website. If you can't find this product, you can contact us, and we will help you.

    Thank you for your trust and interest in our services...

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