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Support & IT: in this category you will find several articles on how the development service, web maintenance, mobile applications, server administration, networks and technical support works, but also answers to questions already asked by our users about Support & IT and answered by our experts. If you're looking for an answer about Support & IT, its resources, setup guides, a tutorial or other additional information about Support & IT, you've come to the right place. Do not hesitate to leave us your question in the comments of the desired service and we will be happy to respond quickly.

  1. Pack of several agents

    You can hire the service through the website selecting the agents according to your needs. If you need our help to prepare a group of agents for specific tasks, do not hesitate to contact us. A specialist will contact you to understand your needs and make the appropriate proposal...

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  2. Agent without an accent in english

    Before hiring the service, you can request an audio presentation from the agent to judge for yourself the quality of his accent and english level. For the english language, our agents are England, India, United States, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria or foreign residents in the United kigndom speaking without accents...

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  3. Can my agent make sales?

    Generally, not. The agents available in this category want to work in the after-sales service. However, you can negotiate this with the agent before hiring the service to find out if he accept this option. You can also send us an email and indicate your detailed needs. A specialist will suggest the correct profile...

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  4. Does this service include real technicians or tele secretaries?

    In this category, we exclusively offer the services of after-sales technicians for the customer service of your company without sector preference. The technician will receive calls from your customers and help solve problems with the configuration, installation or operation of their products. We recommend that you choose a technician who has clearly indicated that he is a specialist in his field of activity...

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