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PBS Portal: in this category you will find several articles about the PBS Portal, but also answers to questions already asked by our users on the use of the PBS Portal and answered by our specialists. If you are looking for an answer about the functioning of PBS, its resources, configuration guides, a tutorial or other additional information about our PBS Portal, you have come to the right place. Do not hesitate to leave us your question and we will be happy to answer it quickly.

  1. Configure a group of extensions

    To configure a group of lines in your Hivoox account, you must first contract the virtual switchboard service with a minimum of 4 extensions.

    Configure a group of lines in your virtual switchboard

    Enter your PBS account and click on IP CENTREX,
    Then click on Groups of rotating lines on the left and follow the instructions...

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  2. Tutorial to redirect calls to another number or extension

    With this tutorial, you can forward calls from your virtual number to other internal or external telephone numbers. After configuring the call forwarding, After configuring call forwarding, you can activate or deactivate call forwarding, using your sip terminal, dialing * 21 and following the instructions. Keep in mind that the call forwarding to external numbers can have an additional cost.

    Access to the portal of your telephone line: https://pbs.hivoox.com:8444/

    1- Press on CENTREX IP.
    2- Then on PHONE LINES.
    3- Select the desired sip account ID (8780xxxxxxxx) and click on the configure button.

    A new window opens

    1- Press again on CENTREX IP
    2- On the left click on FORWARDING

    Select the forward mode

    ORDER - Calls are forwarded according to the position of each destination number.
    SIMULTANEOUS - The calls...

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  3. Can I record my phone calls in Hivoox?

    When you have a business or private phone line, you may find yourself faced with the need to record one, all, or some phone calls. In a business, these records may be needed for verbal contracts with customers, or even for quality control purposes.

    If you are using a Hivoox line, you can request the call recording option to listen to your call conversations. By activating the call recording option, our system will record your phone calls and leave them available in the PBS portal, for you to access.

    To activate this option, you must make a support ticket and request the activation of this service. The cost of call recording depends on the storage space you want to activate. After the activation of the service and the effective recording of the calls, you will see in your customer area, a Play button which will allow you to download the conversations in .wav format.

    These recordings are only available from your PBS interface and will periodically clear...

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  4. Configure the welcome message in the Hosted PBX

    To configure the welcome message on your Hivoox line, you must first contract the virtual switchboard service with a minimum of 2 extensions.

    Configuration of the welcome message in the virtual switchboard, with call forwarding to an extension.

    Enter your PBS account and click on IP CENTREX,
    Then click on INTERNAL and create a short number (example 101, 102 ...) for each of its extensions.

    Click on the configure button on the left, a new window will open that will allow you to configure the selected line.

    From this new window, click on IP CENTREX,

    On this page, click on EDIT and follow the instructions.

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  5. Tutorial to filter or block incoming calls from specific number

    With this tutorial, you can configure the call filter you receive, depending on the schedules, numbers, etc. You can choose to receive certain calls, send others to the mailbox or simply reject calls from certain numbers.

    Caution: This option is not enabled by default. You must send us a request by email, activation of this function is free.

    Enter the interface of your telephone line: https://pbs.hivoox.com:8444/

    1- Press IP CENTREX.
    2- Then on the telephone lines.
    3- Select the desired SIP account (8xxxxxxxxxxx) and click on the CONFIGURE button.

    A new window opens.

    1- Press IP CENTREX again
    2- On the left, click on CALL FILTER
    3- In the lower left, click ADD NEW RULE

    Action and time filtering.

    Activate Rule: check the box
    Action: Choose the type of action you want for the numbers in...

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  6. Check the call log in the pbs portal

    This tutorial will help you view your call log according to the selected dates. You can view in detail the calls, the payments, the bonuses, etc.

    Enter your PBS account, click BILLING INFORMATION,
    In the menu that opens to the left, click on TRANSACTION,
    Indicate the desired dates,
    In service, select VOICE CALLS,
    Then click on SHOW RECORDS...

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  7. Find the list of SIP accounts in the PBS portal

    To see the list of your SIP accounts and configure them, you must enter your PBS account and follow the instructions in this tutorial.

    Login to your PBS account,
    Then click on IP CENTREX,

    You will see a list of your SIP accounts and you can click on the CONFIGURATION button of each account number to configure them...

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  8. Edit information on PBS account

    Change your billing and contact information in PBS so that it appears correctly on the service invoice. Also add your VAT number.

    To change your billing information, you must:

    Login to your PBS account (https://pbs.hivoox.com:8444/)
    Then click on MY PROFILE
    In GENERAL, you can correct or modify your information.
    To add or change your VAT number,

    Enter the PBS, then click BILLING INFORMATION,
    In GENERAL, you can add or change your VAT number...

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  9. Tutorial to recharge your Hivoox account

    Tutorial to recharge your Hivoox account, pay your bills, make phone calls or pay bills for other Hivoox Telecom users.

    Log in to your PBS account https://pbs.hivoox.com:8444/
    In the menus on the left, click on MAKE A PAYMENT.

    Enter the amount you wish to pay and follow the instructions on the page...

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  10. Tutorial to change the password of the SIP line

    Tutorial to change the password of the SIP line and create one that is more familiar or to prevent others from using your Hivoox telephone line.

    Log in to your PBS account (https://pbs.hivoox.com:8444/)
    Choose the SIP user (8xxxxxxxx) you want to modify by clicking on SETTINGS.
    On the screen that appears, click on MY PROFILE / CONFIGURATION and change the service password.

    Do not forget to click on SAVE once completed.

    If you have multiple accounts, click on the cross at the top right to close the page

    Then repeat the same operation...

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