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Our partners: In this category, we publish articles related to our partners. We take advantage of this window to inform you of our activities and news from our partners. Do not hesitate to share your opinions with our team, we will always be delighted to be able to help you better understand the services and products of our partners.

  1. Zoiper - Softphone to make VoIP calls

    Zoiper is on our recommended list of companies because we have used its products for several years, and they fully meet our expectations.

    To date, thousands of our users have chosen Zoiper on our recommendation, and they are satisfied. Easy to install and configure, Zoiper is compatible with our services and allows our users to use their telephone lines to make and receive calls or send instant messages to themselves, via computer or mobile phone.


    Zoiper is a softphone for businesses and individuals that allows you to make and receive phone or video calls and send, receive instant messages.

    Zoiper 5

    After the Zoiper 3 version, which has delighted its users, the company has just released the Zoiper 5 version, designed to

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  2. Grupo Intercobros: company dedicated to the outsourcing of collection management and the recovery of unpaid bills

    Grupo Intercobros: company dedicated to the outsourcing of collection management and the recovery of unpaid bills

    GRUPO INTERCOBROS is a Spanish company, specialized in the management of collections, collection of bad debts and recovery of bad debts, in Spain, France and Portugal. The company offers its clients debt recovery with no initial fees or costs, and additional lawsuits with special rates.

    With Grupo Intercobros, your company will benefit from an intelligent solution, you will save time and money lost in unsuccessful collection procedures, without being able to locate your debtors, and you will have a team specialized in negotiations with people or companies that intentionally delay payment of your bills.

    Its website has a dedicated area for customers, where they can access their files from any device or through the business application, to add their unpaid invoices, review collection

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  3. Contenidos Click , a content writing service in Spanish to improve your seo

    Contenidos Click is a content writing service, which was born as a result of the need, of most of our clients, to create and generate quality and original content. Thanks to the work of his team, clients have their blogs, news sections or web pages regularly updated. The company has assembled a team of professional writers who, after researching themselves, carry out quality writing and oriented to SEO. It works in Spanish, Catalan, English and Portuguese and their objective is to make the visits of your content grow exponentially. The services we offer are not limited only to the writing of original and quality content. At the same time, we give that content other formats.

    What are they looking for by giving different formats to the message and how do they do it?
    They use the

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