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Our Freelancers: in this category you will find several articles and profiles of freelancers who have collaborated with our company for some years. If you are looking for a quality profile, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you find the ideal profile in our database of freelancers.

  1. Can you really make money from home by participating in paid surveys?

    paid surveys

    With the successive crises and difficulties of recent years, more and more people are looking for solutions to earn money online. For some time now, it is easy to find attractive offers on the Internet to earn money by participating in the survey and, in return, you earn money for your participation. In this article, I will try to explain to you what a paid survey is, the varieties of surveys, how they work, the real benefit and disadvantages for you.

    What is a paid survey, and how does it work?

    Paid survey is a method that allows you to give your opinion about a product or service and, in return, get paid. As with many other methods listed as an easy way to make money online, you need to be careful and understand

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  2. Call answering service in French. I can work in all areas, but I prefer internet-based services

    Call answering service in French. I can work in all areas, but I prefer internet-based services.

    Holder of a BTS in commercial management, collaborates in Freelance with Hivoox since 2017. I answer calls in French for companies from all over the world.

    I love reading, music and sport, and I am always available when Hivoox calls on my services. I like working on new projects and learning new things every day.

    Hardworking, and experienced, I am the ideal profile to accompany you in the evolution of your business. If Hivoox has continued to use my services for so many years, it is surely because I am one of the best.

    My skills

    Live call Answering Services
    Personalized Call answering service
    Take messages and notify you

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  3. I am a graphic designer, can I offer you my services or be part of your team?

    Every day we add new members to our team or partner network. If you are a corporate visual identity specialist, you can visit the footer of our website and add, fill out our collaboration request form, dedicated to this purpose.

    Thus, you can provide us with information on your skills, your conditions and availability, provide us with a link or document where we see your portfolio, a document or CV proving your basic training, a description of the services you wish to offer as well as the pricing conditions.

    After receiving this information, we will contact you to inform you of our decision to collaborate or not with you. In the case of an acceptance of your file, you will immediately become part of our partners and after a period of verification, we will see if it is possible

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  4. How to set up a team of several agents for effective telephone prospecting at Hivoox?

    telemarketing campaign

    When you decide to promote products or services to increase your sales quickly, there are various channels to do so. Among these channels, you have advertising on the Google search engine or on social networks, which allow you to advertise quickly and hope to have positive results. Thousands of companies around the world have chosen these communication channels and had great success.

    However, there are products or services, which will be difficult to sell quickly on the internet because they require special attention and in this perspective telephone prospecting occupies a place of choice, even if its use can be complicated to organize, without professional help.

    To engage with a new service provider or change provider in some cases, the customer needs further explanations

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  5. For the languages offered in your services, are your agents native speakers or do they have accents?

    For the services offered on our website, all our agents have native levels of the language, but they certainly do not all have the accent of the chosen country, since they are mainly native people or foreigners who reside or have resided in the country and who have learned to speak without an accent or with very little accent.

    Anyway, we always adapt to the needs of our customers, and provide them with profiles corresponding to what they are looking for. If your objective is to have an agent who speaks without accents, you will have this agent.

    However, in some cases, we advise to privilege the competence of the agent rather than his accent. For example, if you want to carry out a telemarketing campaign in the United States, you can have experienced agents with a native level

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  6. Are the support service agents telesecretaries or real technicians?

    Our services are separated by categories, and we do our best to respect these categories, considering each time the needs of our customers.

    Our support service is an after-sales service, which aims to provide quality support to your customers. The team is made up of technical sales representatives or technicians specializing in after-sales service in various fields. They will take calls from your customers and help solve configuration, installation or operation problems with your products.

    When you place an order on our site for a technician or a complete support team, we analyze your activity in order to assign you agents experienced in your sector of activity, to offer the best support to your customers.

    To have a telesecretary you must choose the telesecretary service

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  7. Can I work from home?

    Yes, you can make or answer calls from your home or wherever you want. You should only ensure to offer a quality service to our customers to continue being present on our site and available to our users.

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